Monday, June 30, 2014

100 Quilts for Kids 2014

Good morning, DC Modern!

Some of you may have heard that Katie is stepping down from 100 Quilts for Kids, but not to fear - DC Modern will keep the tradition alive! If you are new to our group, and haven't heard of 100 Quilts for Kids, for the past several years we've contributed to the event Katie hosted on her blog, Swim Bike Quilt, by making quilts and donating them to local organizations that provided them to children in the foster care system, children in hospitals, and other children in need. This year's event will run from August 1st to September 30th, and we're looking for some help from DC Modern members on the following activities:

1. Volunteer to coordinate a charity quilt. We need 4-5 members to step up to design a quilt, distribute fabric to other members who will contribute blocks, and work together to assemble the quilt, quilt it, and bind it. Our annual charity sewing day on September 13th, at the Burke Library in Alexandria, VA might be a good time to do this. As an added incentive, here is the fabric we had donated for this year's quilts.

Thanks to Fabric Traditions for donating this DS quilts fabric!
2. Write a blog post for our 100 Quilts for Kids blog hop. We're looking for at least one DC Modern post during each of the eight weeks of the event to showcase a quilt they have donated or will donate to 100 Quilts for Kids. It's ok if you just have the top pieced at the time of the post. We can either link to your blog, or if you don't have a blog, send us a write up and some photos and we'll post it here. Contact so we can schedule you.

100 quilts for kids 1-5
Quilt Carla donated to 100 Quilts for Kids 2013
3. Let us know if you have a contact with a local group that serves children in need. I have a few ideas of organizations to approach, but it would be great for our group to donate to an organization where one of our members has a connection. Contact with ideas.

Dear Stella Wonky Star Quilt
Quilt Katie and others made with Dear Stella fabric donated for our quilt drive 2013
4. Donate a quilt! In addition to the group quilts we'll be working on, please consider donating another quilt. Maybe it's time to finally use those bee blocks from years ago, or maybe you found the Michael Miller challenge fabric a little brighter than your usual color palette but thought, "hey, this would be great for a kid!" You can donate it with the DC Modern quilt drive or on your own.

100 Quilts for Kids
Quilt Heather, Frederick and others made with fabric donated by Dear Stella for our quilt drive 2013
5. Spread the 100 Quilts for Kids love far and wide! Share what you are making on the social media of your choice. We'll have a bigger push as we get closer to the date.

Any questions? Ideas or suggestions to make this year's event the best yet?

As a reminder, today is the last day to renew your membership if you have not done so yet. Info here.


  1. I'll coordinate a charity quilt for the guild this year.

  2. I'm on the board of the DC Diaper Bank-- I'll ask if they'd be interested in distributing quilts along with diapers one month this fall.