Monday, January 19, 2015

January Meeting Recap, Ideas and Committees

The meeting on Saturday went very well. It was probably our best attended meeting ever (39 people!) and the room was full of great ideas, creativity and lots of energy.  I want to thank everyone who attended, voted and made suggestions as well as those that submitted ideas before Saturday.  We have a much clearer idea of what interests the membership now.  If you went home and thought of something else that you'd like to add, please leave a comment, contact a committee or send an email to me ( at any time.

We gained eight new members at the meeting!  That seems like a record. 

Here are some pictures of the brainstorming.  There are at least seven people not in this picture.

DSCDCMQG meeting January 17, 2015

There was a lot of fabulous show and tell.  Please look at the flickr group to see more pictures that Frederick and Lynne took.  I'm just going to share a couple of pictures from brand new members. (All photo credits to Lynne)

Linda G.  made this beautiful bag.  I need to know what pattern this is.  Linda?  Anyone?

DCMQG meeting January 17, 2015

I think this is Angela with the cool arrows quilt.  (If I goofed up the name I'm super sorry. Please correct me.)

DCMQG meeting January 17, 2015

And here is Mary with her beauty. 

DCMQG meeting January 17, 2015

We ran out of time for most members to choose committees.  I have had some members mention interest in a committee before this meeting, but I didn't want to hold anyone to it until they knew all of the options.  The options are now listed below.  I have two solid rules for joining a committee.  Number one, committee participation is not mandatory so don't sign up unless you have enthusiasm and positivity for the topic and you want to pitch in to make something happen.  Number two, if you don't join a committee, there can't be any complaining later that the guild didn't do such-and-such.  Being on a committee and communicating ideas are the only way that we'll get to do fun extra things that the Board can't possibly organize with just four people.  Okay, that said, here are the options. 

Committees (so far)--
  • Events and Field Trips: unanticipated committee but there was a lot of interest and discussion at the meeting 
  • Swaps: Susan and Jamie, they will be in charge of quarterly swaps of small items.  Any larger or long term swaps should go to the social or event committees.
  • Retreats: Melinda, Liz, Anjeanette, Cathy and Amy.
  • Social/Shop Hop: Carissa and Kerry
  • Exhibition/Shows: Frederick and Carla
  • Challenges/Quilt Along: lots of interest but no one officially signed up to be on the committee
  • Charity: (to be discussed at the March meeting because we ran out of time) Heather
  • Education: Melinda, Carissa, Lynne and Robin (the Board, but more volunteers welcome)
  • DC Venues that are affordable and somewhat spacious (unofficial) committee: Cassandra (@pilarandolivia on IG) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all.  I'm looking forward to a great year of sewing with my friends.



  1. Sorry I missed the day!:)

    That's the Mondo Bag!:)

  2. sorry to photobomb everyone's show and tell :) great fun meeting

  3. Great meeting! Glad there are so many new members!!!

  4. I had planned to go for the first time on my new membership, but the whole family got the plague and needed TLC. I look forward to meeting everyone!

  5. I'd like to sign up for the Challenge/QAL committee! I was thinking about it on the drive home and I'm totally geeked about the idea of a DC-related challenge.

  6. Such a great meeting! it was so nice to meet folks :) And there were some really beautiful quilts shown.

  7. alyson I love that idea I'd be happy to help!

  8. The bag design is by Quiltsmart - it's a Mondo Bag. It was mondo fun to make and it holds everything you want it to - and more!