Friday, March 27, 2015

Retreat Space

Liz, Anjeanette and I went to tour the retreat space at Blue Mountain Retreat Center last Sunday.  The consensus is that the retreat center is incredible!  We are so excited by the possibilities.  I thought I'd post a few of the pictures I took to get you all excited, too.

This is the outside of the Great Room building
outside the great room

Inside the Great Room--this is where the tables will be set up for sewing.
Check out all of the natural light from the skylights.
the great room or our sewing room

Here is the main building.
outside the main building

This is the living room looking into the front room.  Lots of couch space for hand sewing.
living room looking toward the front room

Here is the living room looking into the dining area.  
The fireplace has a wood stove insert which should be cozy in November!
livingroom looking into the dining area

Here is part of the dining area located in a sun room.  
This could make a great apparel cutting space in between mealtimes.
sunroom/part of the dining area

Here is one of the three decks available.  
We'll see if our August days are a comfortable temperature for sewing outside.
upper deck

This is the kitchen. The proprietor cooks organic food from her farm 
and is able to accommodate different dietary restrictions.

I don't have pictures of the rooms because they weren't made up yet after a previous retreat.  The space sleeps 24 to 25 and has three and a half baths.  The bedrooms sleep two to four each with all single beds.  The proprietor is a massage therapist and offers a sign up for massages during retreats for $70/hr.  She also has a fire pit down the hill at her house so we could have a campfire and s'mores night!  I think this will be the perfect homey, comfortable escape to sew with friends and recharge.  I hope a lot of our members are as excited as I am.


  1. I wish I could go! Looks like a perfect retreat spot!

  2. I my goodness this looks so wonderful - I can't wait!!

  3. Such a gorgeous spot! I can't wait!

  4. It was so amazing! We are going to have a great and relaxing time

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  6. How far is the building for sewing from where the lodging is?

  7. It looks amazing, I cannot wait. Thanks for working on this, ladies!

  8. It looks perfect! I want to go in November so bad. I'd love to go in August as well, but between a wedding and having to build up vacation time, I just don't think that will be feasible for me.

  9. it looks marvelous. Out of curiosity does she have pets?

    1. I did not see any pets, Jane. We weren't in her house so I can't say if she has any there.

  10. I am so excited about this! Is there water nearby (lake, river, etc)? (Just curious -- I love water!)

    1. The C&O canal towpath is about half a mile away (it goes along the Potomac River)