Thursday, August 10, 2017

DCMQG Bees 2017

An update from Lynne our 2017 Bee Coordinator:  

The end of June marked another successful round of the DCMQG Bees!

What is a bee? Here is how it works; all of the people who want to participate are divided into hives of 5 or 6 people each.  Each month in each hive one person tells the hive what type of block they want, and includes a tutorial or a link as well as guidance on colors. Members make two 12.5” blocks – or their equivalent – and send them off.  Sometimes someone sends out some or all of the fabric that they want to use in their blocks, and sometimes members are asked to sew from stash.  Easy peasy, right?

So let’s see some of what was done this year. Pics are from our IG tag #dcmqgbee - thanks to all of the quilters for posting there.

First up…completed quilts.  

The award goes to Alyson.  Here is her granny square quilt, all quilted and bound!

Laurie is also right up there.  She asked for The Circle of Squares block. She added more blocks and already at the flimsy stage. Isn’t it gorgeous! I am always a sucker for rainbows.

Tanya also asked for the Circle of Squares block but each block was multicolor.

Diana for Tanya.jpg

Most of the rest of us have not put our blocks together yet, but here is the show to let you see what we all were up to.  

Megan’s blocks were based on the Ohio Star.  Don’t they look both modern and Amish?

Cassandra’s involved lots of flying geese. She sent out fabric so that the blocks were all coordinated.

Anne asked for Maple Leaf blocks with an autumn feel to them.

Linda’s were these paper-pieced daisy blocks.  She is still working on a layout...full flowers or interrupted?  Stay tuned!

Carolyn asked for large Bento Blocks in her favorite colors...and then slashed them!

Carolyn (2).jpg
I don’t think that any of us were surprised that Amy asked for cat blocks!

Robin gave her hive a color palette and block design as well as an option.

Here are some of Claudia’s black and white zig-zag blocks.

Heather sent out fabrics for these stunning Raspberry Kiss blocks but we could also add from stash.

 Ashley asked for orange and purple wonky stars that will be joining up with ones that she has gotten from previous bees.
Carolyn for Ashley.jpg

Lisa asked her hive for Sparkle blocks. I love the jewel-like colors!
Virginia sent out dragon fabric to be used for these blocks. Although blocks are still coming in, you can see the pattern developing.

Diana’s pink, coral, yellow, gray, and turquoise quarter log cabin blocks are so bright and cheery!.Diana.JPG

 Finally, here are my X and plus blocks - I still am very into solids!

Well, that is all for now.  Are you game to be part of this next year?  A new round of the bee will start up in January, so think about joining!

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