Sherri Lynn Wood was here!

In May, we hosted Sherri Lynn Wood for two fantastic Workshops and a lecture - Layered Curve, Patchwork Doodle and Ruler-Free Match Up.  We had a great time!

Layered Curve was Saturday's lecture where participants learned to sew curves with confidence. We were so pleased to be able to offer this workshop - this was Sherri's first time teaching this topic.
From Sherri's website: Get your layered curve on and discover the freedom and ease of piecing template free curves. Practice your skill to see how far your curve can go. Dive into the surprising trajectories of composing with simple curves either within or without the boundaries of the square. Learn to collaborate with your curve patchwork through bleeds, natural fits, and directional flow as rhythms emerge, merge, and re-merge to take lyrical shape.

On Saturday night, Sherri met up with a small group of members and non members for a lecture and performance which gave us insight into her improv process. 
The description from Sherri's website: 
Basic strip, bias-strip, wedge, curve, stack, float, repetition, flow, bleeding, darting, natural fit, approximate measuring, trouble shooting, and composition tips, tricks and techniques for ruler-free improv patchwork will be demonstrated and performed on the spot according to audience prompts and participation. Bring "zingers" from your stash to be incorporated into the patchwork as it unfolds.

And finally on Sunday, Sherri presented her Patchwork Doodle Workshop. Members learned to work with a theme and COMMIT that theme to fabric.
From Sherri's website: Doodle with your scrap stash! Let go of expectations and build patterns with simple shapes and negative space. Learn ruler-free patchwork techniques. Collaborate with your patchwork with a YES AND as you affirm and respond in the moment to the pattern as it unfolds. Discover a responsive approach to composition and design that lies somewhere between randomness and planned.

If you missed out and would like to take a class with Sherri, be sure to check out her website to find out where she's teaching next!