Reflection on Sherri Lynn Wood's visit with DCMQG

Sherri Lynn Wood visited virtually with DCMQG earlier in January.  We thank Stephanie Adams for her reflection and takeaways from that visit.

Sherri Lynn Wood’s discussion about improvisational quilting at the January 9th DCMQG meeting was inspiring and comforting. I love the notion that there are no mistakes in improv quilting. In fact, mistakes are a bonus because they open neuropathways in our brains and allow us to learn and be more creative.
I own Sherri Lynn’s The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters and, despite my best intentions, have not spent much time with it. When I was piecing this scrappy, wonky log cabin block, it developed a big wave and it would not lie flat. My first instinct was to blame myself for not piecing it more carefully. Then, I picked up Sherri Lynn’s book and learned about making darts and voila!  I have a new favorite quilt. 
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Over the next several months, Sherri Lynn is hosting a series of “The Practice of Making Do” workshops that focuses on introducing sustainability into a quilting practice. Each workshop focuses on sourcing fabric from what we have – old jeans, linens, dress shirts, tee shirts and more. I’m particularly looking forward to Corduroy, Velvet, Satin and Checks on February 27-28 so I can make a dent on a huge bin of gorgeous Ann Gish luxury fabric samples a friend sent me.
In 2021, my quilty resolutions are to adopt Sherri Lynn’s improv mantra: “Yes and . . . “ I will slow down and be present in my quilting. I will focus on what I like and build on it. Cheers to a happy, healthy and creative 2021!